Bushy Tailed

I wonder how many times I miss it.  I just happened to glance outside to see an orange fox daintily but quickly pick its way across the crusted drifts of snow otherwise known as our backyard. What was simply hilarious was the monstrous effort Thor was exerting in a vain attempt to catch this fox. Every other step his front leg would break through the snow then his back leg. It was a rocky and tumultuous gait as he stumbled sort of forward looking like a carpet being shaken out. The fox, once safely in the bush, looked back at his lumbering pursuer without much fear. He turned and trotted off. Thor, having found a solid bit of drift , stood looking dejectedly as his prey effortlessly escaped. We bribed Thor to come inside allowing the fox a decided and complete retreat. I’m sure he won’t be back after that episode but I still glance out the kitchen window with hopes of another glimpse of orange.