I’m reading about art. A book on how to produce it. The intro of this ‘Draw What You See’ book, says that drawing an exact duplicate of what you see in nature does not automatically make you an artist. I was both relieved and surprised. I thought of Robert Bateman who is known for his detailed accuracy in depicting nature. However, for my own sake I was very happy with this theory. The artist/author went on to say that though this may be true, in order to begin the attempt at being an artist, one must learn to draw what the eye sees.  It doesn’t make me an artist if I can successfully draw what I see but it starts me on my way. Something like that. Makes sense. And if you can’t draw what you see you sure as hell can’t paint it.  So here sits my little frog, one of many in a long line up of attempts; drawing and painting what I see. One day when I grow up, maybe I’ll be an artist. Until then this little dude quite happily exists to wish Vanessa a ‘Hoppy Birthday’!